Why do NFTs Matter?

NFTs actually matter to the new-gen businesses

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a proven business strategy for those aiming to unlock new revenue streams, increase user engagement and reach new markets. They hold the ability to gather a community around a product or service that can develop unprecedented brand loyalty and participation. On top of product likeability, NFTs are a complementary tool for acquisition recurrence and cross-selling, keeping users ready and interested in your next move.

Art and Creativity

NFTs have transformed the art world, allowing artists to sell their work and retain royalties for future resales. This breakthrough has provided digital artists, musicians, and creators a powerful means to monetize their creations effectively.

Non-Fungible Tokens Artwork


NFTs have opened up exciting new investment opportunities and economic activity. Crypto-artworks and other digital assets have fetched astounding prices, sparking enthusiasm and discussions about the next big hit.

finance industry

Media and Entertainment

Leading media and entertainment companies are embracing NFTs to create unique and collectible content. Musicians are releasing albums as NFTs, while film studios are issuing NFTs that represent exclusive movie-related content. It's captivating to engage with fans and create buzz around your brand.

media industry

The Benefits of NFT Development Services

Ownership and Origin

NFTs represent a blockchain-based certificate of ownership for digital or physical assets. This technology has provided a transparent and unalterable proof of ownership and origin, which has potential implications for industries like art, real estate, collectibles, and more.

NFT Ownership

Digital Collectibles and Virtual Goods

NFTs have created a thriving market for digital collectibles (think CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot) and virtual goods (including virtual real estate and in-game items). These items hold tangible value and can be easily bought, sold, or traded across multiple platforms.

Virtual Goods

Intellectual Property Rights

As NFTs gain prominence, questions and challenges surrounding intellectual property rights have emerged. Issues related to user rights after purchasing an NFT and potential copyright infringements when incorporating elements into NFT artwork are being debated.

Intellectual Property Rights

NFT Utility

These unique tokens extend beyond their distinctiveness, offering owners exclusive benefits, rights, or rewards that set them apart from traditional digital assets. In essence, they grant special utilities or privileges that enhance their appeal and value.

NFT Utility

Industries that used NFT Services

Decentralized Cloud Computing

NFT artwork

Using a mixed process of generating each artwork layer with AI technology and refining every single detail with an NFT specialized artist, we have created a full NFT Collection randomly generated based on artwork layers. The randomness of the process is verified and validated via a Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) integration, along with IPFS connectivity linked to the smart contract.

Ethernity NFT Collection Image
Ethernity Cloud Project Illustration
Etherneals NFT Image
Etherneals NFT Image

Wellness and Fitness

Fit2Earn through NFTs

Building the entire infrastructure on top of a web2 app, from the smart contract, to the tokenomics and wallet integration, in order to reach the ideal Fit2Earn ecosystem and a streamlined UX. An ecosystem unlocked via NFT ownership.

S4FIT Packages
S4F Design

Events and Festivals

Web3 benefit App

A dedicated app able to withstand a large number of requests where NFT holders could provide ownership through a wallet integration and access real life benefits and exclusive events.

DreamyWhales Project
Neversea NFTs
Dreamy Whale NFT
Festival NFTS
NFT Pass

Art and Creativity

Motion capture NFTs

Creating an NFT collection using motion capture technology, focusing on characters and movements that align with the project’s storyline. The assurance of the authenticity and rarity of the artwork enables each piece to stand out as a distinct, valuable entity within the digital art market.

Mocapart Project
Lady Troffea
Gallery of Motion

Blockchain SaaS

NFT based access

With the initial artwork, dApp for the minting process and the utility that came with the NFT ownership, we have developed a staking pool, granting tokens to be used in the NFT collection upgrade phase: a new dApp with a smart contract able to input the token tax and old NFT in order to send the new NFT to the user, all in one transaction.

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