Blockchain Analytics

Unlocking Business Potential with On-chain and Off-chain Blockchain Analytics

Unlock unprecedented business insights with our On-chain and Off-chain Analytics solutions. Decode blockchain transactions and wallet activities, tracking market dynamics, and investor behavior. Uncover opportunities by observing 'Smart Money' and economic trends. This analytics suite, uniquely leveraging Web3 solutions, propels your enterprise into a new age of informed decision-making, optimizing growth and ROI. Embrace Web3 and transform how you comprehend your business landscape.


With blockchain analytics, retailers can understand customer behavior, verify product authenticity, and streamline inventory management.

Retail Sector

Art and Antiquities

Web3 Data Analytics could provide provenance tracking, proving authenticity and preventing the sale of stolen or counterfeit items.

Digital Artwork

Travel and Hospitality

Blockchain analytics can streamline identity verification, simplify loyalty programs, and improve customer experience.


Sports and Gaming

These sectors can use blockchain analytics for managing digital collectibles (like NFTs), tracking player performance, or verifying the fairness of games.

Sport Web3


Analytics can be used to verify the authenticity of parts, track a vehicle's history, or manage a decentralized ride-sharing platform.

Automotive Ilustration


From tracking drug supply chains to verify authenticity, to managing clinical trials' data, blockchain analytics could be a game-changer.

Pharmaceuticals Icon

Environmental Conservation

Blockchain analytics can track carbon emissions, monitor conservation efforts, and facilitate the trading of carbon credits.

Environmental Conservation Illustration

Aerospace and Defense

Blockchain analytics can ensure the integrity of parts, maintain secure communication systems, and manage complex supply chains.

Aerospace Industry

Real Estate

Blockchain analytics can verify property ownership, reduce fraud, and increase transaction transparency.

Real Estate


These industries can use On-chain and Off-chain analytics for fraud detection, risk assessment, transaction validation, and customer behavior analysis.

Financial Industry

Supply Chain Management

Blockchain analytics can provide end-to-end visibility, traceability, and authenticity verification in the supply chain, reducing counterfeits and ensuring compliance.

Supply Chain


Blockchain analytics can help maintain patient data privacy while enabling data sharing for improved treatment outcomes



Blockchain analytics can streamline claim processing, reduce fraud, and improve risk assessment.


Energy Sector

With blockchain analytics, energy companies can optimize grid management, track carbon credits, and facilitate peer-to-peer energy trading.


Entertainment and Media

Through blockchain analytics, companies can manage digital rights, monetize content, and track content usage.

Entertainment Benefit


Telecom companies can leverage blockchain analytics for fraud detection, data management, and customer identity verification.


Government and Public Sector

Government organizations can use blockchain analytics to improve public service delivery, increase transparency, and reduce fraud.

Governmental Benefit

Web3 Data Analysis Benefits

Cryptocurrency Investing

Investors can use On-chain analysis to identify potential investment opportunities. Tracking wallets with consistently profitable transactions, active addresses, and transaction volume can unveil trends and patterns that may not be visible with traditional investment analysis.


Market Sentiment Analysis

On-chain and off-chain analysis can assist evaluate market sentiment and forecast potential future trends. When active addresses or transaction volumes increase, it frequently coincides with rising asset prices, indicating a bullish market sentiment.


Detecting Illicit Activity

Off-chain analysis can assist in the monitoring and detection of possibly fraudulent actions. We can warn concerned parties if suspicious behaviors are found by regularly assessing transactions, orders, and customer data.


Portfolio Tracking

Our analytics systems also include portfolio tracking, which allows customers to track their own profits, losses, and purchase prices. Users can make better-educated investing decisions with a detailed sales history of assets.

Portfolio Tracking


On-chain analytics can be used by traders to uncover new collections to invest in or predict price patterns. Traders can efficiently speculate on price movements and make profitable transactions by knowing supply and demand laws.


Investor Behavior Analysis

Analyze deposit and withdrawal activity to learn how investors are interacting with your project. This can be used to inform project development and marketing tactics.

Investor Behavior

NFT Holder data for Collection management

Metrics and insights about original minters, secondary market transactions, patterns and trends that happen right in your own NFT collection. Knowing your users is essential and there’s no exception in Web3.

NFT Holder data

Industries that use Blockchain Analytics


Staking Data and Coin Statistics

Providing comprehensive coin statistics and insights, this function is pivotal for individuals seeking a deep understanding of various cryptocurrencies. It also includes detailed staking information, covering both individual and pool staking, that aids users in making strategic and informed decisions.

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Assets Distribution
NFT Collections in one app
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Blockchain SaaS

Crypto Market Intelligence

This solution delivers a panoramic view of the crypto sphere by collating real-time data from diverse crypto exchanges. Offering vital insights into coin valuations and market trends grounded in historical data, it equips users with precise, up-to-date market information, enabling informed decisions throughout their crypto endeavors.

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NFT Collections in one app
Coins and Collections
Hodlezz Application
Blockchain Dashboard
Blockchain Tools
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Crypto Watch List
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Crypto Signature

Decentralized Cloud Computing

Decentralized Whitelisting

Catering to a technologically proficient consumer base is both a privilege and a challenge. We have elevated the traditional allow-listing approach for early access to the minting phase. We've fortified the whitelist's credibility by loading validated wallets directly into the minting smart contract, thus facilitating a completely decentralized and transparent minting process. This process includes a conditional exclusion provision for wallets that have already participated in the minting.

Ethernity NFT Collection Image
Ethernity Cloud Project Illustration
Etherneals NFT Image
Etherneals NFT Image